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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Clueless Prophets

Now the Spirit says expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.”

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When the king of Judah consulted with Ahab, the king of Israel, whether they should attack the forces of Syria, he proposed they seek the word of Yahweh on the matter first. Instead, Ahab called on four hundred prophets of Ba’al to divine whether they would prevail over the king of Syria. Of course, all the false prophets prophesied victory for Ahab and Jehoshaphat (“Go up, and may God deliver it into the hand of the king!” - 2 Chronicles 18:4-27).

In reaction, Jehoshaphat inquired whether there was a prophet of Yahweh left in Israel from whom they might hear a true word of God. Ahab responded, “There is yet one man by whom to seek Yahweh, but I hate him, for he is never prophesying concerning me anything good — but — all his days — evil, Micaiah, son of Imla.” Ahab only wanted to hear good news. Nevertheless, being a shrewd man, he knew very well that his prophets were spewing lies.

But the prophets of Ba’al were not fabricating predictions out of thin air. Oh, no! They were in touch with the great immaterial, invisible and timeless “spirit realm!” And, as it turned out, Yahweh had sent a lying spirit to deceive Ahab by the mouths of his “prophets”:

I saw Yahweh sitting upon his throne, and all the host of the heavens standing on his right hand and his left. Then said Yahweh, Who will persuade Ahab king of Israel that he may go up and fall in Ramoth-gilead?...Then came forth a spirit and stood before Yahweh and said, I will persuade him. And Yahweh said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go forth and become a spirit of falsehood in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said — Thou mayest persuade, moreover also, thou shalt prevail, go forth and do so. Now, therefore, lo! Yahweh hath suffered a spirit of falsehood to be put into the mouth of these thy prophets.”

But, in the end, Yahweh did send an accurate word of warning through His prophet Micaiah about the  disaster that was about to befall Judah and Israel (“I did see all Israel scattered upon the mountains, as sheep that have no shepherd: and Yahweh said, These have no master; let them return therefore every man to his house in peace”). Sadly, both kings chose to ignore the true word of God and, instead, heeded a false one and, accordingly,  attacked the king of Syria. Consequently, both died horrible deaths.
And, so it is today, only, now there are far more than just the four hundred prophets of Ba’al; the church is infested with a vast horde of self-anointed “prophets and apostles.” And current events are demonstrating that they are just as mystified about the future as their forebears, the ancient prophets of Ba’al. 

One from among this crowd, Johnny Enlow, admonishes us that in this troubled time we must “believe in the prophets,” meaning, the words of today’s false prophets, not the words of Scripture. Instead of revealed scriptures, we must “heed to present revelation” (The Storm is here – But we are crossing over!).

Satan Tempts Jesus with Political Power
That’s all well and good, except for the cluelessness and empty promises of the contemporary band of “apostles and prophets.” Despite claims to the contrary, the evidence is overwhelming.  NONE of the “prophets and apostles” foresaw the catastrophes of a global pandemic and the economic upheaval that it has unleashed. Instead, they promised God’s people unending prosperity, mighty outpourings of His Spirit, “signs and wonders” galore, a mega revival the likes of which the world has never seen, and dominion over the “seven mountains of society” by the “apostles and prophets.”

But, in truth, the key battle is whether Christians will heed the Word of God, not the “prophetic” words and promises of the lying “prophets” of Ba'al. The two words are incompatible; in the end, it is one or the other. Both cannot be true. Will we believe God’s written word or “revelations” from a supposed “spirit realm?”  And is "Christ crucified" the center of the faith, the real power and wisdom of God or, instead, the “roaring Lion of Judah” who will exercise the super “signs and wonders” promised by the “apostles and prophets” that never quite seem to get off the ground? Their predictions are always “about” to be fulfilled. Well, that and three bucks will get you a 16-ounce coffee down at Starbucks.

This is the reason why many of the shrewder “prophetic” leaders warn their victims NOT to listen to men who are too wedded to Scripture (e.g., Bill Johnson of Bethel Church). Insist too much on adhering to the Word of a God and a “spirit of religion” might just get you! Yet it is the clear teachings from Scripture that expose the “apostles and prophets” time and again as frauds and deceivers, and that is why they fear the Scriptures above all else.

Again, none of the “apostles and prophets” saw the present crisis coming, despite their recent claims to the contrary. This week their Chief Numerologist, Chuck Pierce, attempted to sledgehammer an earlier ambiguous “prophecy” of his to fit the present crisis. Yet his alleged “prophecy” said nothing about a pandemic or the global economic disaster it has triggered, only that the nations of the earth would experience “turmoil,” a general statement that can fit any day of any year. As Jesus warned – Do not be troubled. Wars, earthquakes, and famines must occur, “but the end is not yet.” Upheaval among the nations is the normal condition for this age.

More relevant is the fact that until this present catastrophe, the Horde of Deceivers was promising only blessings and prosperity for God’s people. Well, things are different now.  NONE of the “apostles and prophets” saw this coming, though now they are all scrambling to spew out updated “prophetic words” to explain the situation.

Keep the faith, they say.  God is about to reverse the virus. He will anoint doctors and scientists to develop a cure. The virus is a demonic plot designed to derail God’s great end-time revival. God will use the crisis to test us to see who will heed the words of the “apostles and prophets.” We must issue properly formatted “decrees and declarations” to “bind” the demons behind the pandemic, which may be a plot by the every-threatening “spirit of Jezebel.” Etc. Again, none of them has an inkling about what lies ahead; they can only guess, throw darts at the “prophetic” board and hope one of them finally sticks to the board.

Frustrated Wizard
They can “roar” all the “prophetic decrees” they wish, from now until doomsday. Like the seven sons of Sceva, they will learn that their words contain no “creative” or magical powers. Demons are not impressed by our verbal formulas, incantations or blasts on Shofar horns. “Roar” like a predatory lion all you like. Demons are not deaf, but they are unmoved by the babblings of the prophets of Ba’al.

And why should Satan heed words from the practitioners of numerology, astrology, stargazing and monthly prognostications? Who do we think invented the arts of divination?  Paul warned the Colossians not to “invoke angels.” What do they do?  Invoke angels. And those are not the sort of “angels” they think and hope they are! Or what about the clear warnings of Scripture NOT to fool around with divination?  What do they think divining the future from numeric codes or lunar cycles is? Ignore Scripture at your peril! God may just give you over to a lying spirit!
In his self-sacrificial death, Jesus overcame the works of the Devil and, therefore, received “all power.” It is the disciple who knows and follows the “Lamb” wherever he goes that participates in his authority and reign. A right relationship with the Lamb of God impresses the Dragon far more than any verbal formula, shout, “decree” or the ability to decode calendrical mysteries. 

We need to understand that the so-called “apostles and prophets” are the products of a decades-old movement with a LONG history of failed predictions. I mean, Moses warned that if a “prophet” predicted just one thing that did not come to pass, then he had not spoken the word of Yahweh.  How many times must this movement make false predictions and promises before we get it?

Misdirecting the Crowd
This is the movement that promised the Rapture would occur within 40 years of 1948, and that the European Common Market would become a 10-nation confederacy that would dominate the world from Rome. Instead, it morphed into the European Union with 27 member nations headquartered in Brussels, an organization too incompetent to govern itself.  The (FORMER) Soviet Union, “Rosh,” supposedly, would gather the forces of “Gog and Magog” and invade Israel from the north. Instead, the U.S.S.R. collapsed under its own weight, one of the most pivotal events in world history since the end of World War 2, yet NONE of the “prophets,” “apostles,” "seers," stargazers or prophecy “experts” saw it coming, at least, not until long after the first brick was torn from the Berlin Wall.

Ever since, the prophecy “experts” have been flailing around looking for a new candidate to fill the role of “Gog and Magog.” Never mind that the book of Revelation explicitly identifies this force as the “nations from the four corners of the earth,” not as Russia, Iran, Turkey, etc. Of course, what counts among the “apostles and prophets” is not clear Scripture but what they hear from the “spirit realm,” be it by vision, trance or dream.

This is the same movement that predicted the ‘Y2K’ computer “virus” in the year 2000 (see the irony?). And the “apostles and prophets” were quick to jump on the “blood moon” bandwagon back in 2015, followed by the Great American solar eclipse of 2017, and the “sign” of the “woman clothed with the sun” revealed in the (completely natural) Zodiacal movements of stars and planets in September of the same year.

Today’s “prophetic” movement remains hopelessly ignorant about the future. Either the “apostles and prophets” make stuff up as they go along, or the voices from the “spirit world” to which they listen are lying spirits. Put another way, whatever “god” is communicating with them is not an omnipotent being who sees the end from the beginning; either that or their “god” is anything but good, a trickster and a liar. In short, they are communing with demons which, of course, explains why they propagate “doctrines of demons.”

Jesus predicted that “many deceivers” would come and succeed at “deceiving many.” Well, here, at last, is a solid sign that the end-times are upon us.  The leadership of the church has been overrun by this Horde of Deceivers, the false “apostles and prophets” that have infected the church with their false pretensions. Welcome to the Last Days!!

The New Testament also predicts a final “apostasy” before the end. I do not know whether that time is upon us; however, clearly, millions of Christians have been set-up for apostasy by the promises of today’s self-anointed “apostles and prophets.” They promised us endless “kairos seasons” of gumdrops and lollipops. Instead, they have delivered confusion, fear, and lies. Having exchanged the love of the truth for a bowl of spiritual pottage, God has “
sent them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie,” just as He did through the prophets of Ba’al.

Apostasy is underway. How deep and long it will go God alone knows. But if it is the final apostasy, can the “Man of Lawlessness” be far off?

Having said all this, we are not without hope. Now, more than ever, we must learn and cleave to the ever-reliable Word of God. It is worth its weight in gold, and then some. As for the subjective “spiritual” experiences so valued by the “apostles and prophets,” well, not so much.

God is raising up a "standard" that includes men who know how to teach the Word of God and are committed to doing just that. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man arrives in all his glory, "will he find the faith on the earth?"

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