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Charismatic Paradigm Shifts

SynopsisDoes the Christian faith I once knew even exist today?
It feels as if the Charismatic Movement has plunged over a precipice at full gallop. Looking back at the community of spirit-filled believers I knew as a young Christian, ironic and disturbing “paradigm shifts” become all too evident. For example, the fundamentalist preachers of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s warned their churches about the growing “liberal social gospel” that was making inroads into mainstream denominations - It would sidetrack the church from its mission to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, or so they warned. In hindsight, they hit that target dead center.

Undeniable Evidence

The Spirit expressly saith—that, in later seasons, some will revolt from the faith, giving heed unto seducing spirits and unto teachings of demons” – 1 Timothy 4:1.
I cannot presume to know why God is doing or allowing certain things to occur within His church. However, recent events suggest some possible explanations. God cares for His people. Even when He judges them it is in order to correct and save them.

History of Prophetic Failures

I have posted a PDF version of a paper I wrote some years ago to provide an overview of the many failures over the centuries by Christian prognosticators and erstwhile prophets. Please feel free to download, copy, and distribute it as you please. The material is not copyrighted (A History of Failed Predictions).
Although the details have varied in the teachings of failed prophetic movements, one element is present in almost every case: the failure to heed Christ's warning that no one but God alone knows the timing of Christ's advent; it is not for his disciples "to know times and seasons."

Christian "Rights" and the Cross

SYNOPSIS:  To follow Jesus means self-denial and a willingness to suffer for his sake. Persecution for him is a high honor for a disciple of Jesus.
In some Christian circles, rage, and belligerence are, apparently, appropriate “Christian” reactions to persecution, perceived or real; sometimes, even to simple verbal criticism.  The claim is such things are signs of society’s hostility to the church and threats to the civil “rights” of believers. Believers must enter the political process to “fight” for their God-given “rights” and privileges.

According to Satan’s Playbook…

Synopsis:Apparently, we are in dire need of new revelation from “heaven” lest we miss our personal “destiny” and a peek into the “strategies” of God.
The leading magazine for the Charismatic movement recently published a “prophecy” that included a prediction of new information from heaven about to be released. Apparently, Christians are in desperate need of new revelation that cannot be obtained elsewhere. This is just one of many possible examples of the self-appointed leaders of the “prophetic” movement promising new, never-heard-of-before “revelations”:

Hope for only Some Nations?

SYNOPSIS:  The Gospel of the Kingdom of God announced by Jesus is a message of hope and gladness for men and women of ALL nations.
Unfortunately and historically, the "Good News" about the Kingdom of God too often has been perverted into good news for some, but bad news for a great many others. This occurs every time a representative of the "church" associates the message of Jesus with any specific nation, race, culture, or partisan ideology.